Module 1

AIM Intro

Module 2


Accessing AIM

The Center for Instructional Supports and Accessible Materials (CISAM) is a statewide project serving students with print disabilities, including students with visual impairments. CISAM’s goal is to assist school personnel in locating accessible educational materials (AEM) in a timely manner.

1 Read and find out about services available in Ohio by downloading the CISAM brochure.
2 Read about federal legislation requirements regarding AEM and specialized formats by downloading the National Instructional Materials and Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) brochure.
3 View, “How CISAM Processes Requests for AEM."
4 View, “Ordering Accessible Materials."
5 icon-doc Visit the CISAM website and practice completing a Materials Request form.
6 CISAM developed Flow Charts of Activities for each of the four different formats. When CISAM receives a request for an AEM from a local education agency (LEA), CISAM follows the procedures delineated in the flow charts. View those flow charts with reading activity 5.
7 Read descriptions of the formats of AEM produced by the CISAM Accessible Materials Production Center (AMPC).
8 View Grafton Braille Service Center's brochure for more information about their services.
9 Read how individuals with print disabilities can access nearly 200,000 online books FREE from Bookshare.  When visiting the website, here are a few things to review:  Enter a book title in the search window, start with one in the public domain - Romeo and Juliet.  Note the public domain has icons for Daisy, braille, HTML, text (some of Romeo and Juliet books are still in copyright due to editor notes, etc.).  Now search for the Hunger Games.  Notice you need a membership to get to this book.  Membership tab:  Note there are individual and organizational memberships.  Review the specifics of each.  Getting Started tab:  look at Download Books, then Reading Tools.  There is a wealth of information at this website.  The above will get you started.  Search for a textbook, look at advanced searches.
10 Self-Check 4: Accessing AEM