Module 1

AIM Intro

Module 2


Who needs AEM?

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), state and local education agencies must ensure that children with disabilities who need AEM in specialized formats receive those materials in a timely manner.

1 AEM Tips video
2 Read, "Who Needs AEM?".
3 Watch this video of a student developing reading fluency with braille (note: a 30 second 'ad' may appear first).
4 Read about and TRY AIM Navigator - a free online tool to help decide if a student needs AIM.  Think of a student who you suspect needs AEM and go through the Navigator, answering questions about this student.  Notice how it guides you.  Look at a print copy of the navigator and see how it makes a nice record guiding your process.
5 Watch this video showing students become better readers when they can see AND hear words spoken on the computer.
6 icon-read For a complete snapshot of Ohio AEM information, visit the Ohio page on the National AEM website.
7 icon-read Read, "What Are Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) and Who Needs AEM?".
8 icon-read View additional information on methods for identifying student need for AEM.  
9 icon-read Read this article, "Parent Determination Leads to Son's Success with Assistive Technology." Click here to view a video of a student with physical limitations who accesses AEM with assistive technology.
10 Self Check 3: Who Needs AEM?